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What are the CDC guidelines regarding use of multiple dose vaccine vials? Vaccines in multidose vials that do not require reconstitution can be used through the expiration date printed on the label as long as the vaccine is not contaminated unless indicated otherwise by the manufacturer. For example, inactivated polio vaccine in a multidose vial can be used through the expiration date on the vial. For some vaccines, the manufacturer specifies that once the multidose vial has been entered or the rubber stopper punctured, the vaccine must be used within a certain number of days.

This is commonly referred to as the "beyond-use date" BUD. Any vaccine not used within the BUD should be discarded. Specific information regarding the BUD can be found in the product information. For example, the package insert for some inactivated influenza vaccine indicates once the stopper of the multidose vial has been pierced, the vial must be discarded within 28 days. Package inserts for vaccines can be found at www. When the expiration date of a vaccine indicates a month and year, does the vaccine expire on the first or last day of the month?

Vaccine may be used through the last day of the month indicated on the expiration date. After that, do not use it. Monitor your vaccine supply carefully so that vaccines do not expire. I'm confused about how to correctly interpret expiration dates on vaccines. The expiration date is the date by which the vaccine should be used. Vaccines may be used up to and including this date unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer's product information. The expiration date is based on the assumption that the vaccine has been properly handled and that it has not become contaminated.

Some vaccines expire within a certain time after opening or after reconstitution. Multi-dose vials contain bacteriostatic agents that prevent the growth of bacteria and may be used until the expiration date printed on the vial unless they become contaminated. Single-dose vials and manufacturer-filled syringes do not contain bacteriostatic agents.

Once the cap has been removed or the sterile seal has been broken on these vaccines, they should be administered. Lyophilized freeze-dried vaccine must be used within a specified time frame after it has been reconstituted.

It's available at www. What should I do with expired vaccines? First and foremost rotate your vaccine supply so expensive vaccine does not expire in your refrigerator. If you discover expired vaccine, remove it from the refrigerator or freezer so that it is not inadvertently given to a patient. Expired vaccines and diluents should NEVER be administered, even if it is only 1 day past the expiration date. Contact your immunization program, vaccine supplier, or vaccine manufacturer for specific policies about disposing expired vaccines.

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Is it acceptable to write the expiration date the "Beyond Use Date" of an opened vaccine multi-dose vial on the box rather than the vial or must it be written on the vial? But a provider should always read the label on the vial before administering a vaccine. It is possible for a vial to be placed in the wrong box. So the vial label is the safest place to put the BUD.

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Vial labels are small and it may require putting an extra sticky label on the vial. What should we do if a dose of expired vaccine is given to a patient? The dose should be repeated. If the error was detected on the same clinic day, you can repeat the dose that day. If the error is detected more than one day later and if the expired dose is a live virus vaccine, you must wait at least 28 days after the previous expired dose was given before repeating it.

If the expired dose is not a live vaccine, the dose should be repeated as soon as possible. An exception to this is for recombinant zoster vaccine Shingrix ; the repeat dose should be given 4 weeks after the invalid dose. In the context of reconstitution and administration of vaccines, how does CDC define "immediately"? There are various requirements for the use of vaccines after reconstitution. While the specific timeframes are simple to interpret, there can be some confusion as to what the requirement of "immediately" actually means.

CDC considers "immediately" to be the reasonable time it takes to prepare and transport the vaccine to the patient to be administered. This would include any limited documentation that may be related to this process. It is up to the judgment of a provider to determine if a vaccine has not been used in the appropriate time. Some manufacturers have indicated to providers that "immediately" can be up to 30 minutes.

The definition of "immediately" varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some do not have the data to put forth a general timeframe as to what "immediately" means. CDC recommends that the provider contact the manufacturer any time s he has any question if the vaccine has not been used in the appropriate timeframe. Resources Back to top Where can I get the most up-to-date information about vaccine storage and handling?

CDC publishes a comprehensive Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit updated January covering topics such as vaccine storage units, temperature monitoring devices, and inventory management, vaccine transport and emergency vaccine storage and handling. The toolkit also contains troubleshooting guides to assist with vaccine storage unit issues or temperature excursions.

In addition, IAC maintains many free, downloadable materials at www. Our clinic needs to buy new equipment to be in compliance with these updated recommendations. How do we know what are the best products to purchase? Contact information can be found here: www. This page was updated on March 13, This page was reviewed on March 12, Sign up for email newsletter.

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    Ask the Experts Home. Billing and Reimbursement. Combination Vaccines. Meningococcal ACWY. Meningococcal B. Precautions and Contraindications. Travel Vaccines. Vaccine Storage Units. Vaccine Viability and Expiration. Temperature Monitoring and Controls. Troubleshooting and Follow-up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides comprehensive information about vaccine storage and handling in their Storage and Handling Toolkit , available at www. When is a "dormitory style" refrigerator considered adequate for storing vaccines?

    Back to top. What type of thermometers should be used for measuring temperatures in a vaccine storage unit? We are carefully logging our vaccine storage unit's temperatures each day. How long can reconstituted MMR vaccine be stored in a refrigerator before it must be discarded? Where can I get the most up-to-date information about vaccine storage and handling?

    Vaccine Storage and Handling. Scheduling Vaccination. Patient Schedules. Standing Orders. Talking with Parents. HepB Birth Dose. Influenza Vaccination for HCP. Yes indeed, Brown emerges as a heroic figure in this story, at least as told by Adonis. His premise was that virtually all the 29 minor party MPs would either support Labour or abstain on confidence and other critical votes; an insight that still stands for the aftermath of an election in You can almost feel Clegg shrinking as he pressed the case.

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    Constitutionally, he had to remain Prime Minister to safeguard the possible accession of the Lab-Lib coalition; otherwise the Queen would have been obliged to turn to Cameron first, as leader of the largest party. But he could have untied the Gordian knot not my pun from the beginning by resigning as Labour Party leader in time to reassure Clegg.

    In 5 Days in May , Adonis has written a classic new text of political journalism, managing through his close focus on the participants and day-to-day twists and turns to transform a familiar story into a thriller. With his SDP background and liberal politics, Adonis was a true believer in the idea of a progressive alliance between Labour and the Lib Dems. They are equally responsible for the disastrous, unequal and ineffective austerity policies that the coalition has pursued with the Tories.

    They have been badly bruised over the EU, their core policy concern; they lost the AV referendum which counted for too much in their calculations and in my view deserved to fail. That's just the tip of the iceberg: we've got many more leads to chase down. Find out more and support our work here.

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